Tell me your story

whats your story 4I’m currently looking for people to interview over the course of the project.

Have you had a life changing experience? Have you written about it? You might have written:

  • a blog
  • a book
  • social media updates
  • emails …
  • … or something else!

You might not have written the experience yourself, but talked to a journalist and featured in a newspaper or magazine.

OR You might still be thinking about how to write your experience down.

If this sounds like you, do get in touch and tell me more.

Published by

Antonia Chitty

I'm a writer and author of over 20 non fiction books.

One thought on “Tell me your story”

  1. Hello… I’ve been thinking about having my life experiences put on paper, but not knowing how to approach it. I’m afraid as I know that it will bring horrible memories to life again. But I feel that it needs to be told as those memories still haunt me. I would say that it will become more of a self-help. Then I can close the book on my sins.


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